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Best toilets and faucets drain clearing in Pasadena service

If your toilet has a problem that can’t be solved with a plunger, drain clearing can help! Check out some of the most common toilet problems below and contact Steve Hutkin today. We come prepared with fully stocked trucks, ready to install your new toilet or repair existing toilet issues that same day!

Weak Flush

If your toilet’s flush is too weak, it could be because there’s an issue preventing the water level in your tank from getting high enough to be effective. That could be caused by the refill valve, the flapper valve, or even just the ball float or chain. If the water level seems fine, there could still be a problem with the flapper valve or chain.

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Running Toilet

If your toilet takes a really long time to fill back up, it’s usually a sign that the refill valve has become dirty or clogged somehow. Make sure your water supply is open, or the tank will never have the chance to refill at all. The flapper valve might also not be situated correctly, which would mean water is leaking into your bowl from the tank. You could also have a leak in your tank itself, but you’d probably notice were that the case.

Toilet Overflows After Use

A toilet generally overflows for one of two reasons: The flapper valve could be having trouble sealing properly. This would cause too much water to get from the tank into the bowl. Alternately, the ball float could be failing to tell the refill valve to close once pre-flush water levels have been restored, or your refill valve could be having trouble closing even though the ball float is telling it to. If this is the problem, water from your mainline would just keep coming until your water tank overflows.

Leaking Toilet

Toilets can leak for a couple of different reasons. When toilets are installed, a rubber seal is placed between the bottom, or “seat” and the floor. As your toilet ages, this rubber seal can wear away. With enough wear, water can find a way through and out onto your floor. A leak between the bowl and tank could also mean that the rubber gasket that helps the flapper valve seal the tank off may have worn down. A leak’s cause could also be as simple as locknuts or screws not being as tight as they should be, or an improper installation. Drain clearing can help maintain proper water flow.

Professional plumbers know what they’re doing, and they can identify the problems before they become emergencies. They’ll arrive at your home with the tools and experience to solve any drain clearing issue. Regular drain clearing will improve your plumbing system’s lifespan and decrease the risk of clogs and leaks. Furthermore, a plumber can notice underlying problems long before they turn into emergency situations. These benefits are worth the price. So why wait?

Blockages inside your drains can have a variety of negative consequences for your home. They can cause your water to drain slowly or clog completely. To prevent this problem from occurring, it is best to have your drain clearing by a professional. If you do not do it correctly, you might cause more damage than good. In either case, it’s time to call us for your drain clearing needs!

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