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CLOGGED TOILETS happen to all of us, but don’t be afraid of this plumbing disaster. Expert Plumber in La Crescenta will give you tips of how to unclog a toilet using simple techniques that anyone can do at home!

Remove the lid.

Make sure you don’t drop it down the toilet. To fix a clogged toilet, you’ll need to plunge it or use a snake. Plunging is pretty self-explanatory: Insert your plunger into the opening of your toilet bowl and press down firmly on top of it until the water begins to rise again. Everything feels smooth once more (it’s easy to get frustrated at this point).

Suppose that doesn’t work after two or three tries. In that case, you might want to try using a snake instead to fix a clogged toilet, which is essentially just an extension cord with a handle attached at one end and other attachments at the other end that can be used to clear clogs in pipes and drains.

Check the water level.

Check the water level before starting. If there isn’t enough water in your toilet, it won’t flush properly. Too much water in your bathroom could spill out of the bowl and onto your floor when you wash. Fill a new bottle of bleach (enough to kill germs) and place it behind the plunger handle in your toilet tank. Allow it to sit overnight to thoroughly disinfect all parts of your tank before flushing again the next morning.

Re-flush the toilet.

If you can flush the toilet without difficulty, it means your clog is above the water line. There are two options for dealing with this:

Hand removal of a clog. If you can reach the clogged area with tongs or a stick, try clearing it out manually. You don’t want to break anything, so proceed with caution!

Chemical cleaners such as Drano® or Liquid-Plumr® should be used. These products are designed to dissolve stubborn clogs, allowing them to be flushed away more quickly.

Block the overflow tube.

Block the overflow tube to fix a clogged toilet. Remove the overflow tube from the toilet tank’s bottom. Now, stuff whatever water-absorbent material you have on hand into this opening until you can’t fit anything else down there. Use two or three items if necessary—why that’s polyester socks invented!

Replace your overflowing tube and push it down firmly so that it does not budge or come out accidentally when someone flushes their toilet again (which would only cause more problems).

Use a plunger to fix a clogged toilet.

The following are instructions for using a plunger.

Stand on a step stool and put the plunger over the top of your toilet. (If you’re tall, this will be a stretch.)

Pour 30 seconds of hot water down your toilet before plunging to soften any clogs or dislodge them from the drain hole in the bottom of your bowl.

Push down on the plunger handle, not up, and hold for about 20 seconds before pulling back to break the suction with a “sploosh” sound; repeat three times until water rushes down into your bowl at full force, flushing out any previously present clogs.

Other methods for fixing a clogged toilet

Baking soda and vinegar

Baking soda and vinegar work well to unclog a toilet without the use of a plunger. Fill a cup halfway with 3 tbsp. of baking soda and approximately 2 tbsp. The vinegar (white or apple cider). Allow the mixture to sit in your toilet bowl for 5 minutes. After that, you’re free to flush!

If your toilet is still not flushing, try a different method. Use a plunger to force water through the tube and into the toilet bowl. This will help push any remaining clogs out of your pipes. If your toilet bowl is particularly filthy, you may want to scrub it before adding the baking soda and vinegar mixture. A brush with long bristles that can reach the bottom of your toilet bowl is ideal for this task.

Snake out blockages at the outlet valve.

If you have a toilet snake, try using it to clear the blockage. You can usually find a toilet snake in the plumbing section of most hardware stores.

To use the toilet snake to fix a clogged toilet, simply insert it into your toilet drain and twist it clockwise until you feel resistance. This should dislodge any blockages in your pipes. If this does not work, contact a professional plumber for further assistance.

If you have some obstruction or debris clogging your line, try running hot water down another sink or tub in your house while flushing the toilet repeatedly until all water drains cleanly from both sides. We may need to break open walls/floors/ceilings where lines run beneath them before digging up more expensive materials like cement floors or sidewalks outside houses! Call us immediately if there is still no movement after several attempts at this method.


It’s important to remember that toilets are not meant for long-term waste storage. We’d recommend emptying your tank regularly and flushing it with warm water once a week. You’ll never have to deal with a clogged toilet again!

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